dzain Unveiled: New Polling App for Creative Creators

dzain Unveiled: New Polling App for Creative Creators

Finally, the time has come to tell you a bit more about our idea, which transformed from a sketch to a functioning mobile app during the past six months. dzain’s journey didn’t lack drama and tension, as Armenia, where the app is under development, entered a massive war exactly when we were about to take our initial steps.

Fortunately, the team’s determination and spirit brought us to the final stage, and, currently, dzain is ready to enter Beta Stage 1 testing!

Today, we’ll tell you some exciting insights from the app and uncover the idea behind our product.

dzain is a unique opinion-sharing hub for creators, design appreciators, and creative agencies. We help you identify the best visual concepts and messages that resonate with your audience through polls and feedback.

Now, let’s dive right in.

dzain polling app
  1. Polls

Yes, dzain is all about polls. We have reviewed dozens of polling apps and tried to create a unique combination of comfort, advanced UX, and result-oriented functionality. Polls are the main gate for our users to learn the public’s opinion about their works. The creation process is simple and follows widely accepted UX/UI standards.

2. Quick Polls

It’s not a secret that all modern community apps have integrated the concept of stories to encourage a more interactive experience. The idea behind our Quick Polls is straightforward — you upload a picture and add one of the app’s predefined voting options for extra quick results and increased engagement. The main difference between regular polls and quick polls is that you get to see who voted for either of the options.

dzain polling app

3. Statistics

As we’re only in the Beta version of the app, dzain’s stats are not too detailed. However, you can still learn about the gender of your voters and draw general insights regarding users’ preferences about your photos or artwork. As the app progresses, our users are going to get more and more detailed insights on the people who voted for in their polls.

We hope you got the main gist of dzain with our short article. Soon, we’ll talk about the best ways our app can assist you with your creative dilemmas.

If you want to join our network of early-stage beta testers (lots of perks ahead), feel free to follow this link. 😊



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